Do You Know How to Brush With Braces?

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Are you thinking of getting, or did you recently get, braces? Doing so may slightly change how you care for your smile. You will still need to brush your teeth, perhaps with more frequency, but the way in which you brush could differ. We would like to provide a brief guide to help you figure out how to properly brush your braces so that you can keep your dental health and beautiful smile.

The brackets on braces can create areas where food and plaque may become stuck, which could lead to gum disease or tooth decay. When you brush, a soft-bristled toothbrush with thin bristles can you help clean along the brackets and wires. Toothbrushes may need to be replaced more frequently when you have braces as they can wear out faster.

Any elastics your braces may have might need to be removed before you brush. You can tilt your brush at a 45-degree angle and use a back and forth motion where your gums meet your teeth. You should brush along the top, front, and bottom of the brackets and the wire, with enough pressure that the bristles push gently against the them. After that you can rinse your mouth, look for remaining food particles and replace the elastics.

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