Halloween Techniques: Caring for your teeth

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Our amazing team at Flores Dental Care would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! We hope your Halloween season is amazing and you take the time to make sure your teeth are safe and sound throughout the holiday. If you need further help with the oral health care, visit us for an routine checkup or professional cleaning.

As Halloween approaches, begin crafting an oral health care plan that focuses on making a checklist of all priorities you have for the holiday, including what to do with extra sweets and snacks, and how to handle what not to eat.

If you have any extra sweets lying around after the holidays, dispose of them so you do not continue to consume them for weeks on end after Halloween has ended. In addition, you can offer your child an incentive program to exchange their candy in exchange for money or toys.

Exercise caution with hazardous products that can harm your teeth. This includes sugary sweets, hard candies that can crack your teeth, and overly acidic sweets such as fruit drinks and sour candy. If you are not wary, you may find yourself surprised by a cavity or oral injury this Halloween season.

Don’t forget to visit your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings to help keep your smile safe this season. Flores Dental Care would like to wish you a safe and happy Halloween! To schedule an oral exam with with Dr. Sylvia Ramirez Flores, contact us at 956-583-0055, or stop by our office in Mission, Texas.