Improve Your Oral Health with Dental Bonding

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Have you ever wished there was an easy to go to treatment to handle minor damage to your teeth without having to think about completely overhauling your smile? If you have only suffered minor damage to a tooth, a dental bonding procedure may be capable of restoring the tooth without having to try to any drastic procedures.

If you have any dental damage due to the result of extensive gum disease, it may have led to gum recession which will expose portions of the root of a tooth. If any parts of a tooth’s root are visible, then a dental bonding treatment can be used to protect the root once more. Similarly, dental bonding treatments can help change the shape of teeth and can even be used to help make teeth look longer.

Dental bonds have often been used as an alternative to dental amalgams for protecting your smile with a cosmetic alternative that will look more natural and better than traditional metal fillings. Dental bonding treatments in the form of composite resins can fill in decayed teeth and protect your smile against cavities in the future. In addition, they are extremely durable can last well over ten years before they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Dental bonding treatments are also highly effective for oral accidents or injuries that you may have suffered in the past. If you have severe damage in the form of chips or cracks or have discolorations that you wish to conceal, then dental bonding treatments can prove to be highly effective. In many situations, dental bonding treatments are required to improve the look of teeth, especially when damage has occurred. Dental bonds can also be used to restore function to teeth that may have been damaged due to an accident or injury.

The best smiles are made possible with dental bonding treatments. To upgrade your smile with dental bonding treatments, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Mission, Texas. If you would like Dr. Sylvia Ramirez Flores and our team at Flores Dental Care to talk to you about dental bonding treatments, please call our dentist office at 956-583-0055.