Tips and Treatments for Common Oral Emergencies

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Did you know that oral emergencies often depend on the treatment they receive within the first few minutes of the accident? Believe it or not, knocked out teeth can actually be saved if you place them delicately in a tooth-saving solution before they dry out. With the tooth in liquid and intact, it may be possible for your dentist to apply the tooth to its original location once more.

Mouth jewelry is notorious for causing oral injuries. They can cut your gums, slice your lips, and in many cases even crack and chip teeth. If your teeth have been cracked due to mouth jewelry or another form of damage, it is important to clear the area around the wound with gauze until the bleeding stops. If the tooth is loose, do not pull it out.

If a tooth is damaged and a dental filling or dental crown comes loose, it is important to cover the exposed area. With dental fillings, cover the open area with a cotton swab until a visit to your dentist can be arranged. With a dental crown, delicately place a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil over the damaged tooth.

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